Jun 11, 2010

"My Body of Oystercatchers" at the Gallery at the Mac, until July 25

Oystercatchers #197
48" x 12"
(long tall one on left)

"My Body of Oystercatchers" runs until July 25th
Gallery at the Mac, McPherson Playhouse, #3 Centennial Square(Government & Pandora), Victoria, BC.
The Mac is a performance venue, with the gallery open on performance nights, i.e., July 8-18. Appointments for other times are welcome. Please phone Natalie Woods at (250) 361-0806.

People, below:
Three oystercatcher art fans with Oystercatchers #131, 132, 133

I wish to thank the following people for their generous help with opening night and overall oystercatcher inspiration: Ron Spector, John Shaw, Sharon Glynn, Winnie Cooper, Terri Walowina, Kim Willoughby, Janet Etter, Nancy Dolan, Karen Hamilton, Hilary Stead, Jim Chapman, Helen and Bob Hansen, Jacques Sirois, Paul Rasmussen, Leo Gauthier, Kevin Neish, Wendy Wasilewski, Mendelson Joe, Paul Peregal, Nancy Murphy, and others who remain nameless.